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Research Aids

Drüner Microfilm Collection

A selection of scores from the Drüner Collection of Viola Music microfilmed by David Day in the summer of 1993. The majority of the microfilms consists of duos, trios and quartets dating from the 18th and 19th centuries. A number of significant solos and methods are also included. In addition to the microfilms, all of the original documents in this set are now available onsite at PIVA. Link

Zeyringer Literatur für Viola

Prof. Franz Zeyringer, of Pöllau, Austria, was the founder and first president of the Internationale Viola Forschungsgesellschaft (later International Viola Society). One of his many undertakings in behalf of the viola was to publish a lexicon of music composed for the instrument. The first volume of modest length appeared in 1965. That was followed by a new edition in 1976 which rather quickly sold out. Zeyringer’s final edition of Literatur für Viola was published in 1985. It is the most inclusive lexicon of music for the viola that we have. It contains approximately 14,000 works in over 150 different instrumental combinations. The literature for viola falls under three classifications: original works, borrowed works (for instance, from compositions for other string instruments), and arrangements for viola. A Foreword, Table of Contents, and an introductory chapter, “The Viola and its Literature,” are offered in German, English, and French. Works that were contained in PIVA up to 1985 are identified by a +. Supplementary to Zeyringer’s admirable work, and in the same format, is an ongoing list since 1985 of new acquisitions in PIVA not already contained in Literatur für Viola. Link